"There's an art to growing old
Taking chances
Magic happens"
- from Breaking Up the Girl

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My Opinions and Recommendations

The self-titled album is great to listen to when you are feeling angry or depressed. It seems to ask a lot of questions about religion, so if you are searching for meaning in God, you should also give it a listen. My favorite songs on it are Stupid Girl, which I dedicate to all the girls I hate, and My Lover's Box, which is slightly more relaxed. This album also has the popular Only Happy When It Rains. Try it and see what you think.

I really like the Beautiful Garbage album. It is great to put on when you are in a wild and angry mood and just want to feel like someone else relates. I really identified with Shut Your Mouth when I was teaching in a middle school. Now I really enjoy Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go). Drive You Home is a great slow song to listen to when you are having trouble relating to your significant other.

Bleed Like Me definitely has an angry edge. I am not a huge fan of the title track, but I love the first single, Why Do You Love Me, that a girl can really rock to. The album again addresses a lot of themes of love in an interesting way. Another great party song is Boys Wanna Fight.

If you are looking for a sound like Shirley Manson's in Garbage there are a few great bands. Most recently, Avril Lavigne has hit the radio. She is another angry sounding girl who is not afraid to put some serious rock in her songs. She vents a lot of frustration, similar to Garbage. You should also listen to Lava Baby. They are a little more pop sounding, but Garbage has quite a pop sound, too. Finally, put Pink into your stereo. Pink's first album had more of a dance beat, but her second CD has a lot of mixture in it. She is not afraid to get angry and rock either.

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