Frou Frou

"Love is on the line, can you handle it?" -- From Hear Me Out

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This album is fabulous! I first heard it on Dawson's Creek a few years ago and went and bought the CD. I don't understand why they aren't bigger! They got some more play on the Garden State Soundtrack, hopefully this will give them some more buzz. I want them to come out with another album! Off the one I have, my favorites are It's Good to Be in Love, which is happy and upbeat, yet still relaxing. I also like You've Only Got One. Try these album out, you won't be disappointed.

If you already love Frou Frou (like me) and want to hear more, I would suggest Dido initially. Dido is a bit more commercial (and thus more well known) but her stuff has a similar upbeat, yet relaxing sound. I would also suggest Amanda Ghost. Amanda has a bit of a louder sound, but still very interesting. Finally, listen to Jill Scott. Jill has a different sound (she is R & B), but she has a way of exploring lyrics in a way that Frou Frou does.

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