Fiona Apple

"You say love is a hell you cannot bear
And I say gimme mine back and then go there for all I care"
- From Sleep to Dream

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Fiona has a fantastic voice. It is deep, sultry, and very original. Her debut album, Tidal, got some radio play with Criminal. But other than that, she goes unrecognized by the mainstream music business. I have both of her albums and like them equally. My favorites on Tidal are Slow Like Honey and The First Taste, but I really like the entire CD as a whole. The second album got a lot of initial publicity, but no radio play. I wished it had been played more, though. My favorites on When the Pawn... (which by the way is the longest record title ever) are Limp and A Mistake. But again, the entire CD is well worth listening to in full. Her third CD continues her original streak. If you want something fresh, listen to this CD. My favorites are Please Please Please and Window.

It is extremely hard to match Fiona's original style and grace in the music department. One can always check out Tori Amos, who belongs in the same genre as Fiona, although they are very different sounds. For a similar sultry voice with a different style, check out Annie Lennox. Annie Lennox's sound is much more mainstream, but you will hear the deep, emotional voice within the mainstream. Finally, try out the lesser known Chantal Kreviazuk, who doesn't share Fiona's sense of beat, but still has a great voice and sound.

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