Fefe Dobson

"I came here by taxi, you came by limousine
And all I have to offer you is this, just a stupid little love song"
- From Stupid Little Love Song

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My Opinion and Recommendations

This girl rocks! She can play a guitar and sing loud and get angry. Her debut album is very good for a first-timer. I bought the album after seeing her video for Take Me Away on MTV. It is a perfect song when you are feeling mad and one of my favorites on the album. I also love Stupid Little Love Song and Kiss Me Fool. You should definitely check out this rocker girl and see if she suits your style too.

If you already like Fefe and are looking for someone else with a similar style you should try her contemporary, Avril Lavigne. Both of these young girls are not afraid to tell it like it is and say it loud. You could also try the pop princess Christina Aguilera. Christina has dropped the pop in her princess title and is rocking out. Finally, try Idina Menzel. Idina is not very well known, and she can be calm as well as rock out. Idina's sound is more developped than Fefe's but she has been in the business a bit longer though.

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