Faith Hill

"A Mississippi girl don't change her ways
Just cause everybody knows her name"
- from Mississippi Girl

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My Opinions and Recommendations

A few years back, Faith Hill managed the cross-over from country to pop music. Her album, It Matters to Me, is clearly more on the country song. I have to be honest, I bought this CD because I saw her perform one song from it that I had to hear again. This is by far the best song on the CD, called Let's Go to Vegas. Her Faith album, which contains the song This Kiss, was the beginning of her cross-over. I really like that song, but I also really like The Secret of Life from that album. Her album Breathe may have been her most popular, and most beautiful. The album's title track, Breathe is great, as is The Way You Love Me. If you want to listen to a song that hasn't been overplayed on the radio, check out Bringing Out the Elvis in Me. Cry is also a beautiful album. I really like the single Cry as well as This is Me. The Fireflies album is filled with typical Faith songs. The first single, Mississippi Girl, is great. I also laugh a lot when I listen to Faith's take on marriage in Dearly Beloved. Finally, in the song Paris, Faith shows her ability to mimic an old sound.

Faith's sound is fairly tame, and thus it is fairly easy to find many that want to sound like her on any easy-listening radio station. For a more country sound, check out Deana Carter's Everythings Gonna Be Alright. Jessica Riddle has a nice, unknown pop sound similar to that of Faith Hill's. Finally, check out any of Annie Lennox's CDs, but don't complain if you end up liking them more. I enjoy seeing Faith live much more than I enjoy listening to her recorded music.

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