Edie Brickell

"I can live with the ghosts but not with you"
-from Hard Times

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I have to thank my friend Stephanie for introducing me to Edie. She has an interesting voice and a unique style with lyrics. Her lyrics are of the kind that I either love or hate the song based on the lyrics. Most of the time I love them though. Edie used to be with the band The New Bohemians, but then she went solo. Off her solo album Picture Perfect Morning, I love the song In The Bath and I also love her cover of Good Times.

If you already like Edie and want to hear more artists like her, I would suggest the new to the scene, Mindy Smith. Mindy's voice has an original twang that is comparable to Edie's. Also, listen to Alice Peacock, although I think Edie's sound is more unique. Finally, listen to the country singer Julie Roberts. I am comparing Edie to a lot of country singers because I think her music reminds me more of country than pop.

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