"And you and your sin
can leave the way you just came in
send my regards to her"
- From All You Want

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Her first album took a long time to be discovered, but I cannot wait until Dido comes out with her next album. Before she became a headliner in the U.S., she opened shows for The Barenaked Ladies and Sting. Her major breakthrough when one of her songs became the theme for a WB show. This is kind of amusing because she grew up without a TV. Her style is so smooth and relaxing, plus her lyrics are really great. My favorite songs off of No Angel are Thank You and Take My Hand, but the whole album is great to listen to all the way through. It is very mellow and relaxing.

Her second CD got some airtime on radio stations with the single White Flag (the guy that plays Angel on the WB show plays her love interest in the video). My favorite song on the album is Sand in My Shoes. It really captures the disappointment of returning from a vacation. I also love the Bonus Track after the last song on the album. Although this album is less pop sounding, it is still very mellow and calm.

If you are looking for similar sounds, I would suggest the popular Sarah McLachlan, especially the Fumbling Toward Ecstasy album. Or if you are looking for a little bit less of a mainstream sound, try Sade - Lovers Rock, which has the same smooth style. Billie Myers - Growing, Pains is also a great sound you should check out.

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