Destiny's Child

"So what?
You bought a pair of shoes
What now, I guess you think I owe you
You don't have to call as much as you do
I'd give 'em back to be through with you"
- From Bug a Boo

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Destiny's Child has taken a lot of slack lately for changing members not once, but twice. But, in typical Destiny style, they had the last laugh by creating a hit song, Survivor, after a radio show said their band was like the NBC show "Survior" where we all waited to see who would be the next to be kicked off. The current group released the latest CD, and a slightly different group released The Writings on the Wall. Both CDs have redeeming qualities. On The Writings on the Wall, I particularly like the Godfather dialogue that occurs between the tracks. I also love the songs Say My Name and Bills, Bills, Bills. On the Survivor CD, it is hard to not like the big hits, Independent Women, Survivor, and Bootylicious.

These girls exude independence and are thus the perfect choice for any girl who is having a tough time. They also have a great dance beat that will get you up and along with your life. Janet Jackson sometimes has that effect on me, depending on the songs I choose. Jennifer Lopez's album, J Lo also has some great songs that have the same style as Destiny's Child. For another similar artist, go old school and check out Aretha Franklin, she doesn't have the same beat, but the woman's independence is definitely on the same level or above Destiny's Child.

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