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"I want to be the one to walk in the sun" - From Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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Here is a lady of the 80s who showed some staying power. One of my favorite roles of hers, which she won an Emmy for, is Ira's ex-wife, Marianne, in the popular show, Mad About You. I got to see her open for Cher and I appreciate her lasting ablility. Her album, She's So Unusual has a few big hits on it. It was actually stricken with the "Parental Advisory" sticker in the 80s due to the questionable nature of lyrics about masturbation in She Bop, which is one of my favorite songs on the CD. Other favorites are the popular Girls Just Want to Have Fun (I loved the movie, too) and Witness. I know she has other CDs out, but I unfortunately have not heard much of her other stuff.

Cyndi took a big turn when she released her album of classic songs, At Last. I was skeptical at first, but the CD is full of beautiful songs that Cyndi gracefully puts her own spin on. Her voice is so distinctive that the album could have suffered if she chose the wrong songs, but for the most part the CD is gorgeous. I really like Hymn to Love and If You Go Away.

As for others to try out, if you like Cyndi's sound, I suggest the icon Madonna's True Blue album. They are from the same time period and share a boppy sound with some attitude. For a more up to date sound, you may want to look into Amanda Ghost's Ghost Stories, or Blondie's Live album.

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