Courtney Jaye

"I used to dim my light so you could shine" - from Mental

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Courtney has a nice sound. I thoroughly enjoy the album in its entirety. I do have to say that I didn't find the album incredibly original, but I do think this gal has the potential to grow into something amazing. My favorites on the album are Love Song (For Everyone) and Can't Behave. But I do believe the album is better as a whole, rather than listening to any individual song.

If you like Courtney already and want to hear more like her, I would initially suggest another newcomer, Anna Nalick. Anna is slightly less predictable and her lyrics make you think more. Next, try a little country with someone like Sara Evans. If the country twang doesn't impress you, go with a great old standby, Sheryl Crow. I can see Courtney's music leading her into a career like Sheryl's.

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