Chely Wright

"The good times keep on coming
And the bad ones ain't so bad
And the worst that ever happens
Is still the best I've ever had"
-- From For the Long Run

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Chely is a gal with a great country twang. She is not trying to cross over, and I don't see any reason why she should. I was intrigued by her video Jezebel in which she performed some voodoo on a guy and/or his girlfriend. She was very captivating in the video. I got the CD and I enjoy the entire thing, when I am in a country mood. Jezebel is still my favorite song. The lyrics in Deep Down Low really touch me though, especially when I am depressed and need someone to cry to. She is a gorgeous girl and I think she has no where to go but up in the country scene.

If you are looking for other artists like Chely then you are probably already into country music. Deanna Carter is a great girl who sings about love and loss a lot like Chely does. Faith Hill is a much bigger name, who has crossed over, but her earlier stuff is similar to Chely's music. Finally, try Trisha Yearwood. If I am comparing her with all of the big names in the business, she must be good right?

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