Charlotte Martin

"Hello girls, truth can make you stare into the mirror for hours.
And could lipgloss save a nation Mr. Powers?"
- From Something Like A Hero

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Charlotte's music is calming, yet provoking. I saw her live and she definitely had attitude. She is a girl with a keyboard and an amazing voice. I like to listen to her music when I want to calm down, but still want to stay interested. When I saw her live I really loved the song I'm Normal, Please Date Me, but I haven't found that out to buy yet. On her album On Your Shore I really like Sweet Chariot and the Rolling Stones cover, Wild Horses.

If you already like Charlotte's music and want to hear more artists like her, the first girl that comes to mind is Tori Amos. I would be suprised if Charlotte was not influenced by Tori. Also, if you want a slightly more poppy sound of girl and piano, try Jessica Riddle. Finally, try Heather Nova. Heather has a really interesting voice, which Charlotte's voice reminds me of, and both sing thought provoking, poetry like lyrics.

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