Chantal Kreviazuk

"But ever since I met you on a cloudy Monday
I can't believe how much I love the rain"
- from Before You


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My Opinions and Recommendations

Chantal is her own person and isn't afraid to be different in the world of many similar sounding artists. Her album Colour Moving and Still has beautiful lyrics and a soothing sound. When I have had a hectic day I like to put it in the stereo and unwind to her beautiful voice. My favorites on the CD are Before You and Far Away.

Under These Rocks and Stones has some gorgeous songs, although there are a few I don't like that much. My absolute favorite is Disagree. It has fabulous lyrics. I also like Grace and Surrouned. Although both this and Colour Moving are good albums, I think they really lead Chantal up to the most amazing CD, What If It All Means Something.

Her latest CD has been her biggest success yet. Thanks to the pop TV show "Dawson's Creek" many teenagers have heard Chantal's music and fallen in love with it. This latest album is wonderful. I like every song better than the last. The song Feels Like Home is my favorite, which has been used in Dawson's Creek and other movies and television shows. I also really like Weight of the World. Her voice just has that thing that makes you feel whatever emotion she is singing about.

If you like Chantal and want to hear more like her, you should check out fellow Canadian, Sarah McLachlan, who is also very soothing and relaxing. Alanis Morissette is slightly angrier than Chantal, but both ladies have interesting lyrics that make you want to replay a song again and again. Finally, Leona Naess has a very similar sound and is about as well known as Chantal. Both women deserve more recognition for their talents.

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