Bree Sharp

"I can hear the angels on your shoulder
And the devil on your lips"
- from Smitten

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Bree has a really nice folk-rocky sound. Her voice is very original. As far as I know, she has one album out, A Cheap and Evil Girl. The album has some really original songs... the most original probably being my favorite, entitiled David Duchovny. This song is about her obsession with the actor and is very humorous with lines such as "I'm gonna kill Scully." I saw her perform at an outdoor concert in NYC and she was fairly good, and her music has also gotten a little play on teenage shows like the WB's Dawson's Creek. The album's title track Cheap and Evil Girl is also very good.

If you are looking for a sound that resembles Bree's, you should check out the queen of indie folk, Ani Difranco, especially her CD To the Teeth. Ani's style is a little more quiet, though, and it also addresses more pressing issues than addictions with actors. You also may want to look into Beth Hart - Screamin' For My Supper. She has an emotional voice, similar to Bree's, along with the same kind of lyrical content.

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