"I wanna take it fast, but I want to take it slow
Addicted to your love and I can't let go"
- From He Is

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This girl has done it all, and at a very young age. She had her own TV show, "Moesha," when she was just a teenager. She has also been on the big screen in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer." She has also had numerous hit specials. She is now a wife and a mother, as was documented on MTV's "Special Delivery." I own two of her albums and have seen her grow through her music. Never Say Never had the major hit The Boy is Mine on it, which is a duet with another great girl, Monica. Another really good song on the album is the cover of Bryan Adam's (Everything I Do) I Do It For You.

Full Moon has slightly more rap than Never Say Never, but the end of the CD slows down in the same way. I think that a few of the songs sound the same on this album, but it still puts me in the mood to dance. I really like It's Not Worth It and Can We. Brandy is definitely developing her style on this CD.

I like Afrodisiac much better than Full Moon. Brandy has clearly done some growing and I think her music reflects that. I really like Sadiddy where she reminisces about some of her fun memories from the past. I also really like Come As You Are.

If you are looking to hear something similar to Brandy try the older, less well known Billie Myers. Her album sounds very similar to Never Say Never without the rap edge. Also, listen to the queens of soul, En Vogue. I love these ladies and they can blend with the best of them. Finally, Erykah Badu mixes rap, R & B and soul in a similar style to Brandy's. All of these ladies are slightly older than Brandy, but I think that this just demonstrates that Brandy is ahead of her time.

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