Bonnie McKee

"Someday I'll be purple lightening in the skies" - from Honey

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This girl has an amazing voice! She has shocked listeners by singing about topics that girls her age (17) don't ever address. In my opinion, this makes her music more unique and interesting. Her first album has gotten attention from VH-1 and you can see her video Trouble on the iTunes website. I like the entire album, but my favorites are A Voice That Carries and Somebody.

If you already like Bonnie and hope to hear more like her, I would suggest Jessica Riddle. Jessica came out several years ago, and only has one album, but I think the girls' voices sound similar. If you like Bonnie's riskiness, you should try Madonna, especially her albums from the late 90s. Finally, put Skye Sweetnam into your stereo. She came out the same time as Bonnie and is from a typical age group, although I think I like Bonnie better.

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