"If you forgive me my ferocity
I won't forget your sweetness"
- From Forgive and Forget

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Deborah Harry and her band have been around forever, with good reason. She is one of the first women who was not afraid or ashamed to really rock. I only have one of Blondie's CDs but I hope to get more soon. The Live album is a great compilation of all of Blondie's best songs. My favorite is the Tide is High, but I also really love Screaming Skin. This is a great CD to play when you are angry because singing along helps you get all of your feelings out.

It is hard to come across a singer or band with the same lasting power as Blondie. Another group that has a great rock sound is Save Ferris, which has a fantastic female as a lead singer. Bree Sharp also has a great rock sound, although she is a little more pop sound than Blondie. Finally, check out the 80s queen, Cyndi Lauper. She will take you back to Blondie's 80s days and has a great rock sound.

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