Billie Myers

"You don't blame me for all that I'm not
For all that I am you say is so much more than good enough"
-- from Opposites Attract

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I fell in love with Billie Myers music with the Growing Pains album. Although her best song by far is definitely Kiss the Rain. Her second album wasn't nearly as popular, and I really haven't heard much of it, except on listening stations at various record stores. I also enjoy track number four, You Send Me Flying. The lyrics to Much Change Too Soon give me a lot to think about, too. She sings the theme song off the movie Down to You, which is also a slick, relaxing style. She has a really original, deep voice and I could see her getting better with time.

To hear more similar styles, I would suggest Idina Menzel, whose voice is just as original, but whose sound is a little more rock. Also try Res' How I Do, which is very soulful. Finally, check out Nelly Furtado. Nelly is what Billie might sound like if she went more pop or mainstream.

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