The Bangles

"I'd say her values are corrupted
But she's open to change"
- From If She Knew What She Wants

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My Opinions and Recommendations

The Bangles are another of my guilty pleasure eighties groups. I love the four ladies, big hair and all. I only own one CD, but I also love the song Eternal Flame and own it on many a mix CD and tape. As for the Different Light album, I have to choose one classic, Walk Like an Egyptian (which I lip synched to in an elementary school talent show). I also love the less popular If She Knew What She Wants and Angels Don't Fall in Love. I still pop this CD in when I am feeling down and out and it cheers me up. I have also acquired the CD Everything which has the great song Eternal Flame on it. I also really like Make a Play for Her Now.

Girl groups are not as prevelant as boy bands in pop culture these days, but there are a few good ones to check out. I love Lava Baby, which gets no radio time unfortunately. They have a sound that I think the Bangles would sound like today if they didn't age or break up. Also check out the more folky Indigo Girls, who still have some upbeat songs. Finally, for a single girl, Beth Hart has a really nice rock sound with some pop mixed in.

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