Avril Lavigne

"I'd rather be anything but ordinary please"

- from Anything But Ordinary

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Avril is heralded as the anti-Britney, non-conformity gal. I still think she is pretty pop, but she is also very rock. I appreciate that she has brought her own style to the table. Her debut album, Let Go, was very successful. My favorites on the CD are My World and Things I'll Never Say. Her second album sounds similar to the first, with maybe slightly less pop. I really like He Wasn't, which suprised me because I didn't expect Avril to want the traditional boy type. I also liked the second single off the album, My Happy Ending.

Avril's claim to fame is that she is a fresh sound in the teen-pop world so it is hard to compare her to the many girls that have emerged in the past years. If you like her sound try going old school, with a group like The Bangles. You could also listen to Liz Phair, who is slightly more independent, but has turned pop lately. Finally, you should listen to The Donnas, who sound like Avril would if she joined a girl band.

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