"What this world doesn’t need
Is this sappy song to sing"
- from Ain't No Love

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Aslyn is wonderful! She is pop, without being overly sweet. Her lyrics are original and interesting. The lyrics make you want to figure out what this girl is singing about, so much so that my husband looked up the meaning to one of the songs. If you too are curious, 493-1023 is her childhood phone number. This is a great CD. My favorites on it are Gotta Get Over You and Here's to Believe, but check out the whole album.

Want more like Aslyn? Try another fresh face, Toby Lightman. The two ladies have a similar sound with a pop sound. Also, listen to Michelle Branch. I don't think Michelle's lyrics are as original as Aslyn's but Michelle's voice is amazing and has a quality that is similar to Aslyn's. Finally, listen to Lucy Woodward. I think Aslyn is a better version of Lucy, though, so listen before buying.

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