Ashlee Simpson

"Look out your window
My sun shines all around"
- from Surrender

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I am not ashamed to say it... I love Ashlee Simpson. Well, I love her music anyways. I was less than impressed with the artist's show on MTV, but I found myself singing the music so I had to buy the album. I love it! She sounds nothing like her older sister, Jessica and has definitely set herself apart from many others in the teeny bopper pop genre. She has an edge that is refreshing and her voice captured my attention throughout the album. My favorites on the CD are the first single, Pieces of Me and La La.

Her second CD attempts to be a little bit deeper, but she is still not taking herself too seriously. This album followed her debacle on Saturday Night Live and I think she has come out stronger because of the screw up. While I do really like the first single, Boyfriend, my favorites are definitely L.O.V.E. and Dancing Alone.

If you, like me, are already in love with Ashlee and only want to hear more refreshing sound like her, I would initially suggest Fefe Dobson. Fefe's voice isn't as engaging, but her music is just as addicting. Also, listen to the band Garbage, which has the same rocky/pop sound throughout its albums. Lastly, put Cyndi Lauper into your stereo. Cyndi's voice is unique in a way that Ashlee's is and she sings about things that are equally silly yet intriguing.

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