Annie Lennox

"A woman's just too tired to think
About the dirty old dishes in the kitchen sink."
- From You Have Placed A Chill in My Heart

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Originally part of the Eurythmics, a well-known duo of the eighties, Annie Lennox has emerged with a very bright solo career. She is a classic diva (as one of her album names will demonstrate), who belongs with the stars like Madonna and Cher. Her voice and music are always attention grabbing. I own the double album, of Medusa and Live in Central Park. My favorites are Why and Something So Right. However, whenever I am feeling low, Annie Lennox is always a perfect choice to mope to, her voice seems to illustrate my emotions. This is true of her recent album, Bare, as well. Annie continues to demonstrate her unique voice in this album. My favorite song on this album is Pavement Cracks, which has a slight beat behind it.

She is a singer that is hard to live up to. She is so long-lasting. She is rarely on the top of the charts, but you can bet her music is always being played on the radio. For a similar sound, you can always go back in time and try Joni Mitchell. Both women share a timeless quality. Sarah Brightman also has a classic voice. Sarah's music is closer to opera, but I think Annie often seems as if she was trained in opera. Finally, try Sheryl Crow. Sheryl Crow's music has a little bit more rock sound, especially lately, but both women share a passion that is apparent in their music.

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