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"Life on the outside ain't easy, no sequins, no elephants, no parading around" - from Freakshow

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Ani DiFranco is the queen of indie rockers. She has her own recording label, Righteous Babe, and does everything her own way. She has a ton of albums out, all of which I hope to own in good time. But for now, I get by with the three I have. The earliest in my collection is Dilate. The opening track, Untouchable Face, is what first got me listening to this rockin' gal. I also really like Superhero and Napoleon on this album.

To the Teeth has many political songs throughout it. My favorites on the album are Wish I May and Swing. I like Swing because it mixes Ani's sound with some hip-hop towards the end of the song. The two sound amazing together. I think this album really shows off Ani's ability to speak up for what she believes in. She also poses some hard questions to listeners.

Revelling and Reckoning is a 2 CD set. While the theme of heartbreak and unrequited love is the same throughout both CDs the tone is different. Reckoning is slow and somber. It is a great CD to put in when you are feeling down or depressed. My favorites off Reckoning are Imagine That and Subdivision. Revelling has a more upbeat sound, but the lyrics are still those of a tormented girl. My favorites on Revelling are O.K. and Heartbreak Even. Ani's ability to create a well-rounded package is demonstrated in this CD combo.

Ani's CD, Evolve, shows how much she can change and grow. It continues to be very political and you really appreciate her independent label. I really like the title track, Evolve and In the Way. Her music continues to keep me interested in what she is going to say next!

Listening to the album Knuckle Down, I was reminded of how Ani is really a poet that sets her poetry to music. It is amazing how I can listen to a song and think, I went through that! (Only she says it much more eloquently than me.) On this CD I really like Sunday Morning and Callous.

Ani is in everyway her own person in her music, thus it is hard to find comparisons to other female artists. Alanis Morissette shares a lot of her anger, if that is what you are in the mood for. Fiona Apple shares some of her style and rhythm, along with some of the anger, especially on the second album. Finally, Joni Mitchell was the original trail blazer and I see many similarities between the two, although the sound can be different.

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