Amanda Marshall

"Your words are like cheap champagne
I get the point but it's much too sweet"
-- from Everybody's Got a Story

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I love Amanda Marshall. I cannot understand why songs off of her Everybody's Got a Story album are not played on the radio. They seem to be very fit for this medium. Her lyrics are smart without being hard to understand. She is angry, but not too angry. I got Everybody's Got a Story first at a "Discovery Price" at the record store, and I loved her so much I had to buy more. My favoirte songs off of that album are Sunday Morning After and Red Magic Marker. Both of these are very poppy. She also shows she can get slower and serious with the heartfelt Marry Me. What can I say besides go and buy the CD!

I think it was impossible for me to love her other CDs as much as I loved Everybody's Got a Story. Her self-titled CD isn't as well put together, but her strong voice is still standing out. On this CD I really like Let it Rain and Fall from Grace. But, if you only have the money to buy one of her CD's, don't buy this one. She is still an artist you should get to know.

If you want to hear more like Amanda, so do I. I think she has a style a lot like her fellow Canadian, Alanis Morissette. They both are smart and have attitude, although Amanda is a lot closer to Alanis when she started off then Alanis now. She also sounds a little like Billie Myers, but Billie doesn't have lyrics that are quite so clever as Amanda's. Finally, you should listen to Idina Menzel. Idina never came out with a second CD, which I will never understand but they share a certain passion that is audible in their voices.

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