Amanda Ghost

"I feel the world's weight, upon my breaking back
I see uncertainty, and the visible crack"
- from Silver Lining

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Amanda has a beautiful voice and a great rock sound. She has been on a movie soundtrack or two, but she has recieved little other recognition. Her sound is very original. My favorite tracks on the record are Idol and Cellophane. I also really like the song Blind Man. Even when Amanda sings ballads, her voice is still raspy, with a hard rock sound.

If you are looking for other artistis similar to Amanda, I would suggest Leona Naess. Leona has a more pop sound, but they are both British born girls, who have yet to hit it big in the United States. I would also suggest Bree Sharp, who shares more of a rock sound with Amanda. Finally, check out Blondie. Debbie Harry's voice is very recognizable, and I think Amanda's would be too, if more people had the oppurtunity to hear it.

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