Alana Davis

Well I believe that love can conquer all
But is it really love that makes you fall
Or just the fantasy of understanding -
From "Got This Far"

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I first heard Alana on the "Mod Squad" Soundtrack and was struck by her deep voice. I bought her second album, Fortune Cookies, and play it when I am in a mellow mood. She is a rising star who is not very well known. Her voice stands out though and she doesn't sound like so many other pop girls that are out there these days. My favorites on the album are Bye Bye and I Want You.

I recently acquired Alana's first CD, Blame It On Me. It is very mellow but this is a fantastic setting to showcase her amazing voice. I really like the song Crazy, because I think it reflects how I feel a lot. I also like the last track, Blame It On Me.

Her deep voice makes it difficult to make comparisons. Her style and tone are a lot like Dido's. They both have smooth sounds and calming effects. Her voice sounds a lot like Ani Difranco, and in fact the two both sing a version of the song 32 Flavors on their respective albums, although Alana's lyrics aren't as harsh as Ani's. If you are looking to sit back and relax to an interesting voice try Alana Davis.

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